Hook 'em, Danno: Texas Baseball Coach Charged With DWI, Suspended

It's a damn shame that this will be the first time many people hear the name of Augie Garrido. Garrido has won more games than anyone (1,629) and five national championships, but took a big one in the loss column this morning when he was pulled over for DWI. The stop happened around 1 am when one of Austin's Finest… » 1/17/09 5:54pm 1/17/09 5:54pm

Is That A Caterpillar On Your Forehead Or Is Your Team Still In The…

The indefatigable Christmas Ape found the latest fashion craze happening in Baltimore—fake unibrows, in honor of rookie quarterback Joe Flacco. It's actually a charity drive, which is great, because I won't publicly humiliate myself unless it's for a good cause. Or cash. Preferably cash. [Kissing Suzy Kolber] » 1/17/09 5:05pm 1/17/09 5:05pm

Yes, But How Does The Robot Do In The Shuttle Run?

I'm not a big fan of discussing physical fitness, mainly because I don't have any. So I'm naturally jealous of any robot that rubs that in by doing pushups all up in my face an' shit. Especially when the robot's face is a big as this guy's. But then in the middle of his demo, his arm falls off. And you would think the… » 1/17/09 4:35pm 1/17/09 4:35pm